2021-04-23 · Tower of Babel, in biblical literature, structure built in the land of Shinar (Babylonia) some time after the Deluge. The story of its construction, given in Genesis 11:1–9, appears to be an attempt to explain the existence of diverse human languages.


The Tower Building (named after the Tower of Babel) houses the Fifth Parliament of Europe. It is certainly a building of the Space Age. The seats are designed like the crew seats in the Star Trek space machines.

639-985 Phone Numbers in Strasbourg, Canada. 905-893-7953 Trianna Babel. 905-893- Sayoko Tower. 905-893- Parliament Almajara2 inconfutably.

Strasbourg parliament tower of babel

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And there are Satanist stars on an EU poster. That proves that the EU is a Satanistic project. 2016-12-28 · Pairing the European Union's new facility in Strasbourg with the medieval painter Brueghel's Tower of Babel has occurred to not a few on the Internet, and not without very good reason. You can almost assume that the designer intended to dare critics to draw the obvious comparison. Modern architects are like that. Harum-scarum!

On 14 January 2009, the European Parliament decided to bestow the name of the recently deceased, distinguished MEP for Poland, Bronisław Geremek, to the courtyard inside the tower. The "Bronisław Geremek Agora" (French: Agora Bronisław Geremek) was officially inaugurated on 21 April 2009.

European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium. 2610144 likes · 18166 talking about this.

Strasbourg parliament tower of babel

The European Parliament building (the Louise-Weisse-Building) in Strasbourg (France) appears to be modelled on the famous depictions of the Tower of Babel, although this is denied. One has to wonder why the EU, with vast amounts of experts and an unlimited (taxpayer) budget, decided to construct a building which they must surely have known would draw such comparisons.

Strasbourg parliament tower of babel

Even though the Tower of Babel was never finished, its idea was embodied in the Parliament Building in Strasbourg, France.

Strasbourg parliament tower of babel

the tower of babel. - babels torn. The painting was his portrayal of the Biblical Tower of Babel. December 14 the EU Parliament building in Strasbourg, France was finished. The #EuropeanParliament is a modern satanic Tower of Babel! Globalists wants to fullfill the #KalergiPlan by forced #massimmigration, and  She also presents the television literature programme Babel. on the TV series Kodjos val ('Kodjo's vote') about the EU's European Parliament election.
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Strasbourg parliament tower of babel

best when he described the new European Parliament as the Tower of Babel. av P Hansen · 2000 · Citerat av 76 — the 1994 European Parliament elections, so the 'European' citizens of the islands could make a "the tower of Babel" have lost their meaning. Staden Strasbourg i Frankrike är Europaparlamentets officiella säte .

3.10 2103 European Radio med singing ID, stark. 828 The Dutch firm NMS Telecom has taken down the AM broadcast tower at Heinenoord near Rotterdam argue in parliament for applications for the city to be considered Babel'.
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Strasbourg parliament tower of babel

4 Feb 2013 This is the European Union's Parliament Building, designed and built after the Tower of Babel in the Old Testament. In the land of Shinar, 

905-893-7953 Trianna Babel. 905-893- Sayoko Tower. 905-893- Parliament Almajara2 inconfutably. sm-guld song spränga stenhårt strasbourg svan svit svårigheten sydamerika tobbe torino torsdagseftermiddagen tottenhams tower tredimensionell tresteg avsändaren avtalsperioden avtjänade babel badort bagoas balter banderoll bangata parlamentarismen parlamentsplatser parliament parningen partiarbetet  Muslims Invade Trump Tower, Take Sidewalks Hostage In Protest Of The President's Det måste komma en skiljelinje i kyrkorna också: Dra ut från Babylon! Nigel Farage has been jeered in the European Parliament after accusing the EU of  -Strasbourg-2018-07-26-1300957911 2018-07-26T20:00:35+01:00 /07/24/1300957285/groupe-public-chinois-China-Tower-premier-operateur- /24/1200957215/Ce-demeure-Compagnie-Babel-Elise-Chatauret_0.jpg  Recensioner av Eu Bryssel Strasbourg Referens.

Simply going inside the building, to the centre of its hollow oval tower (60 metres THE PARLAMENTARIUM SIMONE VEILA visit to the European Parliament in 

Modern architects are like that. Harum-scarum! But the… Why was the European Union's Parliament Building in Strasbourg modeled on a painting of the unfinished Tower of Babel?

The EU's "Parliament" Building in Strasbourg has been deliberately designed to represent the Tower of Babel, as per the famous painting by Peter Brueghel, painted in 1563. The logic behind this symbolism is that the EU is seeking to "build the house of Europe" - a task yet to be completed. Yesterday, Beck brought his Black Robe pal, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, on to support his latest theory: that the new European Union Parliament building in Strasbourg, France, is actually designed to look like the Tower of Babel. Or at least, one well-known version of it. The European Parliament building in Strasbourg is inspired by the Tower of Babel. And there are Satanist stars on an EU poster. That proves that the EU is a Satanistic project.